About the Artist

John Magnan creates unique wood sculptures, mixed-media installations, and solo exhibitions. John studied installation art as a specialty in graduate school, and has created permanent public and private installations for a variety of clients throughout his art career. His installation locations include public and corporate lobbies and conference rooms, hospitals and cancer centers, and a city plaza in a downtown urban National Park.

He created two traveling solo exhibitions that have been installed many times across the country. Strangers in Class: Gazing Across the Economic Divide, examined how people perceive each other across class. body image | body essence, traveled the country to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, and is now permanently installed at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

John lives in the seaside town of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts with his wife, Annie.

His current project, The Hero's Journey, is sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company to honor clinical trial participants and raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials.

John Magnan Studio